Aerocar of 1954 Vintage up for Sale for $1.3 Million

We have still not been able to perfect a vehicle that could fly and ply on the roads with equal ease. However the concept has been around for a while and initiatives have been taken with varying degree of success. It was way back in 1954 that the Aerocar N101D was actually produced. The flying car grabbed the headlines despite some technical glitches and teething troubles. It was the first creation by the auto world that could fly and ply the road with equal ease. It is difficult to believe now but there weren’t many takers for the versatile vehicle at the time and ultimately only few pieces were produced.

Now Courtesy Aircraft which specializes in selling the rarest of vintage military and civilian aircraft carriers is selling a completely functional piece of the Aerocar. They have priced the vehicle at $1.3 million. Only five pieces of the Aerocars is believed to exist today. This unique automobile consists of a small 2-seater cabin up front which features both the driving as well as flying control systems. There is a modular fixture in the rear with a full-sized wing set and flying engine. When attached to the front the vehicle transforms into a functional airplane. On the ground the wing set is attached to the car like a wagon and can be carried around.

Since the vehicle was made in 1954 it is constructed predominantly of metal. It not only adds to its weight but also makes the vehicle very noisy. The technical specifications of the Aerocar are simple. It is fitted with an engine which is a Lycoming 0-320 4-cylinder 150 HP machine. It enables to glide the plane at 110 m/ph. It can cruise comfortably at around 12,000 feet above the ground. Despite all the metal used for making the vehicle it will still be considered a light weight vehicle as it weighs in at 2,100 lbs. It is a collector’s item if you can afford it.

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