“Luxury Boom: The New Big Spenders”: CNBC’s Exciting New Show a Must Watch

CNBC has a special treat for all those who love to follow the latest trends in the world of luxury. Their latest show, “Luxury Boom: The New Big Spenders”, hit the small screen on 5th March. The host, Courtney Reagan discusses various upcoming trends in the market with experts in the field, bringing to the viewers an inside look, through the lenses of those who know it best. She talks to all the big daddies of the business like the bosses at Ferrari, Coach, among others, bringing forth interesting insights into the changing buying trends.

It is a world where women are spending like men, and men are shopping like the fairer sex. Apparently, the economic slowdown and the continuing uncertainties have not dampened the spending spree of the affluent. Once you have had the sweet taste of luxury, there is no turning back. This elite group is now swelling in numbers, and these new entrants have their own unique demands, which are changing the picture of the market.

It is an exciting time for everyone in the business, with ample opportunities of scaling new heights and myriad ladders to do so. What is the new buyer spending his/her money on? What is the gender twists in the buyers’ psyche? What strategies are the luxury brands adopting to expand their clientele? Will this boom last or will it bust? To get all the answers from the horse’s mouth, tune into CNBC. Check out their website for the timings.

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