Hublot Teams Up With JMC, Creates Special Edition Soundboard

What is luxury watch manufacturer Hublot doing making a soundboard of all things? That was my first reaction when I chanced upon news of the JMC Soundboard with Hublot. It turns out that music expert JMC Lutherie teamed up with Hublot to create the “Soundboard JMC All Black”. If you are a music buff, you might be aware that JMC invented the famous Soundboard – a spruce resonance wood speaker. So it is interesting that the company decided to make a special edition of the famous Soundboard by joining forces with Hublot.

The Soundboard created in conjunction features woven carbon fiber and Nomex honeycomb. To give this Soundboard an exclusive luxury appeal, the makers of this special edition Soundboard have used 350-year-old Swiss spruce tonewood from the famous Vallee de Joux. JMC and Hublot are marketing this as something of an acoustic sculpture rather than your garden variety Soundboard. The magic here is that because of the Sounboard’s omnidirectional plane wave, the music is heard at the same volume across the open space. It is more like a musical instrument rather than speakers. The membrane of the spruce tonewood adds to the overall effect, providing impression that you are at a real, live concert. The Soundboard JMC All Black comes with a specially designed base to allow for easy installation and export internationally.

Hublot and JMC have wisely combined modern audio technology with the traditional craft of lute-making while creating this special edition Soundboard. And whose idea was this acoustic sculpture. Credit goes to Jean-Claude Biver, the Chairman of Hublot.

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