Apple iPad HD Ushers In A New Visual Revolution

On March 7th  2012, the biggest technology company in the world Apple Inc. unveiled what the world had been so anxiously waiting for, the all new Apple iPad or more commonly referred to as the ‘new iPad’. Designed and developed as the next generation tablet, the new iPad is the successor to the widely acclaimed Apple iPad 2 and brings to the table a slew of new features as well as cutting edge technological developments. The most stunning aspect of the new iPad is its capability of rendering crisp visuals in high definition. Informally called iPad HD, this new luxury tablet comes with a state of the art processor and promises to deliver a Full HD display that will carry a whopping 3.1 million pixels. For starters, Apple Inc. has scheduled the launch date for the new iPad as March 16th and going against its trend with previous editions, the new iPad this time, will be introduced as a wifi model as well as with 4G connectivity simultaneously.

Apple Inc. is poised to usher in a mobile revolution as the new iPad will also be carrying significant 4G LTE connectivity options as the product begins to roll out next week. The device itself will carry a price tag that will range between $499 to $829 depending upon the iPad variant and the storage size of the device, while the new iPad will be made available on both Verizon Wireless as well as on AT&T wireless networks, taking full benefit of their 4G LTE networks. With this surface description of the new iPad or iPad HD as it has come to be called, let us now delve into the features and specifications of this remarkable new tablet device.

What makes the new iPad so Outstanding?

The most profound change that the new iPad brings to the current generation of tablets is in terms of visuals and graphics. Armed with the fabled Retina Display that had been the primary selling point of iPhone 4, the new tablet boasts of a 9.7 inch capacitive touchscreen that offers a stunning resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. The display of the new iPad  is so vibrant and crisp that the visuals rendered on the screen seem nothing short of being viewed as on a HDTV and even the text appears sharper than the words seen in print editions. The new iPad is powered by a groundbreaking new processor, the all new high-speed quad-core A5x that delivering a lighting speed of 1GHz of processing power, thereby astronomically enhancing the device’s graphics performance. While there is the availability of wifi connectivity in the device, yet Apple Inc. has taken it one step further with the inclusion of 4G LTE connectivity support, thus making the new iPad a tablet worthy of great admiration.

The new iPad comes in three different storage capacities such as a 16GB model, 32GB version and a 64GB variant, while sporting the all new Apple iOS 5 operating system. Apple has claimed that the new iPad with its HD graphics, 4G connectivity and other features will still be able to offer an impressive back up of up to 10 hours, while the users will have more than 350,000 applications to choose from for their new iPad. This latest Apple tablet also features a rear 5MP camera that comes with geo-tagging, HDR, face detection and is capable of capturing Full HD 1080p videos at 30 frames per second (fps). There is also present a secondary front-facing camera for video-calling that can be easily carried out via a wifi Internet connection. With the availability of 4G networks now making a big splash in the U.S markets, the new new iPad users will be able to experience blazing fast mobile broadband speeds, thus rendering online video streams a real charm to watch.

iPad 2 & New iPad. What’s the Difference?

There has been a lot of talk about the potential impact the new iPad will be able to make, when compared to the iPad 2. However, there are many out there who believe that there isn’t really much of a difference between the two devices. To a certain extent the skeptics are quite correct. Apart from the Full HD graphics and visuals, along with the 4G LTE connectivity option, which frankly is currently available only in the U.S, the new iPad is quite similar to the iPad 2 and does not bring any other groundbreaking features to the table that can truly create a distinction between the two tablets.

Who will love the new iPad HD?

From the usability standpoint, the new iPad seems to have been designed keeping in mind the intense evolution of gaming culture and is being hailed as one of the best and most advanced mobile gaming platforms. With its fascinating visuals and near real life graphics, the newly introduced tablet will certainly prove to be quite a sensation among gamers, who have recently found an affinity towards tablet gaming. Furthermore, the new iPad will also prove to be a splendid device for users who are accustomed to watching movies and streaming videos on their devices. Apple iTunes with the launch of the new iPad has for the first time announced that the service will be providing users with Full HD movies in 1080p.


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