Whisky Shines Brighter Than Gold In Terms Of Investment

If you are an avid whisky or scotch connoisseur, you would be interested to know that as per a recent report, whisky investment gains has now surpassed even the most lucrative of all investments, gold trading.  The report generated by one of the foremost whisky valuation experts, Whisky Highland states that the gains received from investing in antique whisky bottles have substantially increased when compared to the gains from those of diamonds and gold. In the last four years, ranging from 2007 to 2011, investments in the top 10 most expensive whiskies might very well lead to gain of more than 400%, while a similar investment in the top 100 whiskies could give you a return of more than 245%. Similarly, those buyer who purchase whisky bottles from the selective list of the top 100 whiskies, are in line for a premium return in excess of 180%. These encouraging figures when compared to other rare commodities such as gold and diamonds seem more promising, especially with the fact that in the same time period, the investment value of gold was recorded at 140%, while returns on diamond investment increased a mere 10%.

As most of the rare whisky bottles are sold off at prestige auctions, in the four year span the number of bottles sold have skyrocketed. In the year 2007, the number of whisky bottles auctioned stood at 1,500, while for the year 2011, this number jumped to a staggering 8,500 bottles. The market value for the whisky bottles auction last year stood at $6.8 million, while the figure is expected to rise dramatically to $26.7 million by the end of the year 2020. This optimistic trend is expected to continue as for the year 2011, the amount generated via global investments and sales of collectible whisky bottles was recorded at a whopping $69 million. For the year 2010, the number of whisky bottles up for auction was less than 2,000 and amounted to a total sale of $628,528. However,  the sales figures for the year 2011 lay in direct contrast, where in auction houses managed to sell more than 3,000 exotic and rare whisky bottles, leading to a combined sales figure of $942,753.

According to David Robertson (Director, Dalmore Rare Whisky),

“The demand for rare and limited-edition whiskies is exceptional, and it’s a trend that is set to continue in line with the uplift in other luxury goods markets. We are going to see more distilleries and brands release very special whiskies which are designed to meet the growing demand from luxury consumers looking for the ultimate in unique products, whether to use and enjoy or to collect and invest.”


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