$158 Million Luxury Superyacht Vava II Comes Home To Kirsty Bertarelli

In what can be termed as the most expensive gift for a wife, the richest woman in the U.K, Kirsty Bertarelli has now officially taken possession of a grand luxury yacht called, Vava II. Mrs. Bertarelli, who is most renowned by her former name Kirsty Roper, the gorgeous former Miss U.K received this magnificent private yacht as a gift from her husband, who himself is an avid sailing enthusiast. The Vava II carries a mind blowing price tag of $158 million and measure an astounding 314 feet in length. Along with its massive price, the luxury superyacht is also quite expensive to operate, with her fuel tanks consuming a staggering $395,430 worth of gas for a single top up. Ernesto Bertarelli is globally renowned as the owner of a Swiss pharmaceutical company and is currently known to be 81st richest man in the world, with a net worth of a whopping $10.74 billion.

Considered to be one of the most expensive yachts,  the Vava II was especially commissioned by the tycoon as a gift for his wife and this new superyacht will now be replacing the couple’s previous private yacht that measured 154 feet in length. The entire luxury superyacht was designed and developed with the assistance of over 200 craftsmen and the couple is now said to have sailed off to the Caribbean in their new magnificent vessel. The bespoke Vava II billionaire superyacht comes with an exclusive feature that of a  fold-down beach club, along with a customizable pool that provides adjustable depths as per the requirements of the guests. Hampshire based Redman Whiteley Dixon was the responsible for the exteriors of Vava II, while the gorgeous interiors were made possible by renowned interior designer  Remi Tessie. This luxury superyacht even comes with its very own helipad, six decks of opulent luxurious living space as well as numerous other amenities.

The man behind the commission of Vava II,  Ernesto Bertarelli, besides his corporate accomplishments and a vast fortune, is also highly revered for his  Bertarelli Foundation that was set up to fund numerous charity projects across the globe. The foundation itself is known to work closely with the British government on various wildlife preservation projects in the Indian Ocean, along with the construction of a Marine Reserve in Chagos.

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