Mercedes Benz Creates Application to Allow User to Create Own Mercedes Museum

Mercedes Benz are respected the world over for their skills and expertise in making powerful luxury cars. They have a large base of enthusiasts and hard core fans of the brand around the world. They all would give anything to be able to visit the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. What they have been able to create in the museum is almost a fantasy. A visitor to the museum can travel through the century and see for himself the history of the brand and also see samples of the best known creations in the world of car making. It is not feasible for everyone to travel to Stuttgart to visit the museum and the only alternative with the brand for bringing the world wide audience on a common platform was to create or replicate the museum in the virtual world. As a result the brand went ahead and created a Facebook application that enables the Mercedes owners to choose their own selections through a virtual museum. The Mercedes Benz Museum is practically at your disposal now.

Like the other luxury brands Mercedes was apprehensive about the new medium and felt that they would lose their reputation as something elite and unique. However, they had to give in to the penetrative power of the medium and are finally utilizing it as a platform to consolidate their brand value. The ‘My Mercedes Museum’ application is open to the Mercedes buyers who can choose their own collection of Mercedes Benz models. Every model has all the details attached with it.

A scoring pattern takes you through to higher stages where you get access to rare varieties and models. They already have 35,000 fans who like the application and the company has already formulated version 2.0 of the application.

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