Yacht Island Design Goes Beyond Mega Yachts to Offer Alternative Designs

Yacht Island Design is a UK based firm that is working only to bring yacht islands to life. The idea of the yacht island was triggered by a request from a rich client for a piece of floating real estate that could be moved between nice locations. Scott Poxon, the director of Yacht Island Design, believes that he can offer his clients an alternative way of looking at a yacht and its design. The concept of mega-yachts was not really an answer as you could make it bigger and bigger till it became a cruise liner.

The concept of yacht island combines the structural practicalities of floating oil rigs to keep it perfectly stable even in rough seas by rising above it with the aesthetics and luxury associated with super yachts. It is a challenge for the designers and shipbuilders and will cost so much that only a few would be able to afford them. These are custom designs that are created to accommodate the wishes of the clients. In fact Poxon’s website features a short design questionnaire that features such crucial questions as desired length, propulsion, crew, and the theme of the proposed vessel.

‘Streets of Monaco’ was designed as a floating pleasure palace on a 155 meter platform for a client who loved the tax haven. The design includes an outdoor kart racing track, sightseeing submarine, and buildings shaped like Monte Carlo’s famed casino.

Tropical Island Paradise, as the name suggests is another island design with a volcano in the center and a waterfall cascading into a river that flows past tiki huts to an infinity pool located on the bow. However, Project Utopia is the most audacious and futuristic design ever. It has been developed in partnership with British naval architecture firm BMT Nigel Gee. It looks like a spinning top with four legs and has very little contact with the water’s surface.

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