Wadhwa Group in Mumbai Provides Swimming Pool in the Balconies of Aquaria Grande

The Indian economy is one of the fastest growing in the world and poised to grow at a similar pace for a decade or two. The rapid growth of the GDP has meant increasing wealth for the citizens of the country. There has been a proliferation of high net worth individuals who have rather large amount of disposable income. It has created increasing demand for luxury goods and services and housing is one area that has witnessed some kind of transformation as customers have become demanding and want more features and amenities and are willing to pay for it.

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and boasts of the largest number of wealthy Indians. T o meet their demand for housing luxury real estate projects are taken up regularly by the developers but a recently announced project by Wadhwa Group has brought about a designing revolution to the city. Called the Aquaria Grande, the modern design of the building takes the luxury real estate scene in the city to a new level. It is the first design to introduce swimming pools on the balconies of a high rise apartment. Mumbai is like an island, hence the supply of land is limited and to meet the increasing pressure for luxury housing the only solution is to design high rise apartments with multiple amenities. The Aquaria Grande project has incorporated several new concepts and amenities.

The building with a futuristic design will be 37 storey tall and house a total of 200 luxurious apartments. James Law is collaborating with the Wadhwa Group on the project and is responsible for bringing the revolutionary design and concept to Mumbai. Indeed, the architectural scenario of India will not remain the same after the Aquaria Grande becomes a reality. It will bring the international standards aesthetics to India and more importantly the concept of eco-friendly design. Mumbai because of the ever increasing pressure of population has become full of tall buildings and bigger automobiles. In a race to cope up with the increasing demand for facilities and services the concern for the environment has taken a back seat. The multi faceted design of the new project will definitely provide a breather for everyone.

The amenities available in the new building will be at par with luxury serviced apartments abroad. There will be a reception desk for the residents and guests. It will guide and co-ordinate for the guests who need any kind of help. Another important and useful amenity will be a functional business centre in the building. Residents and their guests will be able to hire space in the centre for conducting official meetings and events. An office assistant will be allotted to help the guests organize their event. The building will boast of a large lobby which will be well lit and would be useful for personal get together of the residents. You could even take a walk through the lobby if you like being alone. Full service dining facilities have been incorporated in the design of the building. These facilities will be located on the higher floors and hence provide panoramic views of the city and the sea. However, the amenity that will actually differentiate this project from any other that has been developed earlier is having an infinity swimming pool, right on the balcony of your apartment. This is the first time that residents of a high rise apartment will be able to enjoy private swimming pool overlooking the skyline of the city.

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