Donald Trump Gets His Very Own Customized Gold Plated Chopper

When Donald Trump got his luxury jet’s interiors plated with gold, I wasn’t all that surprised. The man loves all things flashy and like any multi-millionaire tycoon worth his salt, he has to have a snazzy jet. When you combine those two together, you get a jet plane with the Midas touch.

But when you bring together Donald Trump and an all American chopper, something seems off. I mean it is hard to imagine the real estate mogul driving around New York City in a Harley. But as always, the man has not failed to surprise us. Mr. Trump actually saw a special episode of “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior” that was aired on the Discovery Channel and was highly impressed by the ‘100% American made’ Orange County Chopper’s custom made motorcycle, which was presented by Paul Teutal Sr.

Those who have seen his show will know that the guy sure knows how to add a special zing to any chopper. And if the chopper is being customized for Donald Trump then it has to have a hell of a lot of oomph. The result has definitely made Trump Sr. very very happy as is clearly evident from the wide grin on his face while posing on his latest boy toy. The gold chopper has 24 carat gold plating, several exclusive custom parts and also has Trump’s name branded on it. The result definitely is a beauty.

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