Ukrainian President’s Luxury Aircraft is an Extravagant Piece of Engineering

If I were a Ukrainian citizen I would not be happy with the way my hard earned tax money is being spent. Apparently, the former Ukrainian president, Viktor Yushchenko had ordered the construction of a luxury aircraft for himself. Now it is quite normal for presidents to have their very own aircraft. But what was so obnoxiously extravagant about this plane was that it has gold plated interiors! But alas he was thrown out of power and he could not enjoy travelling in the bejeweled plane he had commissioned in the first place.

The new president, Viktor Yanukovych is now using this extravagant piece of engineering. This Airforce One of sorts is a fifth generation aircraft, model A-319-115XCJ. The $86 million jet took three years to be completed and is like a mini presidential residence with an office, conference room, a rest area, compartments for delegates and their luggage, bathrooms and a kitchen. But as I said, it is the finishing of the interiors that making people raise their eyebrows. All the lamps, faucet and sink in the bedroom and bathroom are gold plated. The woodwork uses very expensive lacquered wood, while the upholstery only adds to the hefty bill by using Jacquard fabric.

The bed rest boasts of gold leaf decorations and so does the mirror frame that is placed right above the bed. Pilots flying the aircraft have been trained in France. The plane was used by the President for his trip to Greece. The Ukrainian aviation ministry has finalized a $519,962 deal for the technical upkeep for this aircraft. Frugality does not seem to be a virtue of politicians these days.

Via: Pravda

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