Crossfade LP Headphones Rock Your World

The Crossfade LP  is an ultimate multipurpose, versatile headphone developed by the collaboration of world’s top producers, DJs and musicians in a span of four years.  The Crossfade LP is designed for people on the stage, at the gym or on the move. This is made up of light weight metals, luxurious fabrics and distinct design to deliver epic sound of multiple drivers with a smaller driver.

You will get the high definition of sound with crystal clarity and vibrant bass. The driver’s 50mm Dual-Diaphragm with harder outer ring provides a high range and softer outer ring with deep lows, whereas ear cushions isolate noise. Music enthusiasts love the headphone’s music experience with its fashion forward look  and sophisticated V metal design. The device is equipped with three button remote control and microphone to change the volume easily. Now, your music and calls will be in stereo.

Adjusting the volume, you can control record voice memos, video, the playback music and iphone’s answer calls.  It is agreeable with latest Mac products and can be used for   audio recording applications, VoIP, Skype, and iChat. You could use 1/4-inch adapter and 69-inch audio cable to listen to music from your iPhone or iPod. They are available in Gunmetal Black, White Pearl and Phantom Chrome.

Your headphones are unbelievably light weight which enables to wear for hours conveniently. The Crossfade LP weighs only two hundred and eighty grams offering comfortable ergonomic fit.  The ear cushions, materials of the headband, and the precise shape without gaps offers minimal pressure on the ears and head. It is priced at Price: $108.02

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