Skyy Vodka Aims At Brazilian Youth With The All New Skyy Vodka Limited Edition

Skyy Vodka, which is widely regarded as one of the finest vodkas and is even counted in the elite list of the best 20 vodkas in the world, has now announced that the company is all set introduce an all new Skyy Vodka Limited Edition, especially for Brazilian markets. The limited edition luxury vodka has been specially designed in an effort to attract the youth of the nation towards the luxury liquor brand. To ensure that the reach is optimal to the target audience, California based SKYY Spirits LLC, the makers of Skyy Vodka has collaborated with Brazilian design house Casa Rex to create a stunning and very attractive packaging for the new vodka. The creativity of the packaging lies in the clever design of the box, where in the bottle of Skyy Vodka is shown to be connected  to a pair of headphones. The idea behind this ingenious creation is to establish a symbolic relationship between the spirit and its vast effect on music, to which Brazilian youth can relate to.

Brazilian nightlife is widely considered to be one of the  most active and lively in the world, while vodka has for a long time been regarded as the most appropriate liquor for night lives across the globe. Furthermore, as Brazil tends to shake it on a different genre of music, both the companies felt it prudent to reach out to the target audience in a more creative manner. The all new luxury vodka packaging is immersed in an electrifying multi colored blue shade, while the box carries patterns that resemble nightclub ambiance.

Skyy Vodka was initially launched in the year 1992 and since then has become a symbol of class and elegance with its exquisite taste and skyrocketing reputation. This luxury vodka brand was founded by Maurice Kanbar, and the drink itself is claimed to be congener-free, thanks to its rigorous distillation process. The Skyy Vodka Limited Edition will not provide the buyers with a first class vodka, but will also offer them free Skyy Vodka branded headphones that will come as part of the packaging itself.

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