Richard Chai Gives Luxury Touches to Classic Work Boots

Palladium has developed a sort of expertise at creating the unexpected and the unusual. Their work on underground New York and the pirate radio stations of London are a case in point. Their latest endeavor is in the field of footwear. They have created a collection by adding a touch of luxury to the durable work boots. Richard Chai has collaborated with Palladium on the project and helped the brand rework their vision. The resultant collection will become available at the retail outlets in October 2012.

Barney Waters, Vice President Marketing for Palladium believes that it is a challenge to take a 60 year old classic design and reinterpret with a contemporary and modern vision. He was rather impressed by Richard’s eye for modern menswear. He believes that the authentic heritage of Palladium and Richard’s vision and talent make a powerful combination. Richard’s theme for the Fall/Winter 2012 collection is Urban Nomad and he has very tactfully incorporated the Pampa Hi and the Pampa Tactical designs into his ready to wear collection. The point to be noted here is that the Pampa design dates back to the 1940s when the brand supplied these boots to the French Foreign Legion.

Richard Chai seems to have taken the trend of the urban leather boots head on and has retained the Palladium silhouette featuring the classic rubber outsole and toe cap. He has also retained his own custom fabrics including corduroy and felted wool. He has remixed these materials with luxe materials that he commonly uses for his ready to wear collection. The refreshingly designed pair of boots were seen on the runway at the New York Fashion Week on the 9th of February. However, the capsule collection he is creating for Palladium will become available globally with selected high end retailers in October 2012.

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