Fly Into The Future With Moller International Light-Sport Skycars

The time are changing and as technology continues to evolve, we are fast approaching that point of time when, flying cars portrayed in numerous fiction novels and sci-fi movies will be become a stark reality. Now, one of the pioneers of vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL) technology for personal transportation, Moller International, has announced the introduction of two new luxury flying cars called, ‘Skycars’. Both these state of the art personal transportation vehicles have been designed to be extremely lightweight and have been envisioned to replace conventional automobiles in the future. One of the remarkable attributes of the Skycars is that the users might not even be required to possess a mandatory pilot’s license and will be able to operate them on a standard Sport Pilot license.

Moller International Skycars:

 1.  Skycar 100 LS:


Designed and developed to accommodate a single operator, the Skycar 100 LS from Moller International spans no more than 22.5 square feet and is ideal for commuting in an urban airspace. The Skycar 100 LS is powered by a turbine engine that delivers 170 hp of power, thereby placing the magnificent vehicle in the Light Sport Aviation (LSA) aircraft category. The entire car weighs about 800 pounds and reach a pre-determined parachute safe altitude of 200 feet in just ten seconds cruising at 50 mph, while achieving an acceleration form 0 to 131mph in 16.4 seconds. The Skycar 100 LS will feature an average rate of climb at 3,460 feet per minute and will reach a designated altitude of 10,000 feet in 3.8 minutes.

2.  Skycar 200 LS:


Moller International’s Skycar 200 LS is an advanced variant of the 100 LS model and offers the capability of accommodating two individuals, including the driver/pilot. This superb expensive flying car carries a combined weight of 1,320 pounds and spans a good 119 square feet. As the 100 LS, the Skycar 200 LS is also powered by the same engine, delivering 170 hp of power and achieve an altitude of 200 feet at 50 mph in 11.3 seconds, while attaining a transition speed of 0 to 110 mph in 16.2 seconds. This fascinating flying car boasts of a rate of climb of 1,860 feet per minute and has a maximum range of a 432 miles with two passengers, travelling at 122 mph.


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