Gresso Introduces The All New Gresso Pure Black Grand Monaco Collection

One of the foremost and highly revered names in the field of luxury phones, Gresso, has now announced its latest offering in the form of the all new fascinating Gresso Pure Black Monaco Collection. As the name suggests, this expensive luxury phone is clad in all black and is considered to be the finest addition to the company’s incredibly popular Grand Monaco collection. The handset’s design parameters have been inspired heavily by some of the most gorgeous supercars in the world, thus portraying an unmatched elegance and class, befitting the affluent. This latest offering from Gresso has been tailored to perfection so as to keep in line with the Grand Monaco collection, exuberating an elegance at par. Each and every contour of the handset has been drenched in black so as to give the phone a definitive ‘attitude’ that is intricately exquisite in its own manner.

Gresso introduced the new Grand Monaco luxury phone in two versions, Pure Black Cayman and Pure Black Carbon, where in the former is adorned with crocodile leather, while the latter sports an elegant Italian carbon leather. Despite the bespoke material used in the construction of the handset, there has still been room left for technology to make its mark, sporting Symbian S40 as the phone’s base operating system. The case of the Pure Black Grand Monaco Collection is crafted entirely from high resistant and light titanium alloy, while providing the near finished case with several layers of state of the art ceramics. The handset’s display features 42 carat sapphire glass polish for enhanced protection, while the phone’s keyboard comes with a coating of titanium PVD, thereby making it virtually impervious   to mechanical damages.

The Pure Black edition is also the first in the Grand Monaco collection to feature a numeral keyboard placed on a plate made entire of black toned glass. The handset has been entirely hand crafted down to the very assembly and to ensure attention to details, only one craftsman works on the development of this luxury phone. As per Gresso, the Pure Black Grand Monaco Collection has been introduced in a limited edition model, with production restricted to just 100 example and each model carries a price tag of $2,700.

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