Get The Thrills Of Formula One Racing With The All New Vesaro Simulator

For once in every man’s life, he dreams of sitting behind the wheel of one of the fastest cars in the world, a Formula One race car. These high pitched and streamlined speed demons offer an exhilaration that till date stays unmatched. Alas, this is a dream that for the majority of us, always remains as such. However, U.K based Vesaro has now come out with the ultimate solution for your F1 driving needs, in the form of the all new Vesaro Simulator systems that have been designed to deliver very best of virtual F1 thrills to the users. These luxury F1 simulator systems have been introduced in various configurations and there are about nine options for the users to start with. Furthermore, the user can even visit the company’s online portal and configure the Vesaro Simulator as per their needs and preferences.

The Vesaro Simulator system come with a variety of finishes including polished stainless steel and black powder cost, while this expensive F1 simulator can even be configured for the right set of gear system, where in both left as well as right hand options are made available. One of the salient attributes of this remarkable system is its sturdiness as well as the visible decrease of hinges, thereby making the simulator all the more streamlined, while greatly reducing the number weak points. The base model of the Vesaro Simulator is the V-Core Black that has been provided with a Cobra Monaco Pro FIA bucket seat and features adjustable height, as well as the Fanatec and Thrustmaster T500RS. This lowest in the chain of high end Vesaro simulators carries a price tag of $1,568.

Moving on to the top of the line system from the company, which is the Vesaro Motion X. This cutting edge simulator system features a D-Box motion physics triple axis 4 actuator system that comes with dedicated PC support. Also to greatly enhance the simulation experience, the Model X has been given three Samsung 40-inch LED 3D displays that are fully complemented with a  Logitech Z906 THX 5.1 surround sound system. This full packed F1 driving powerhouse comes with a price tag of $26,020.

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