Bowers & Wilkins Introduces New Mini Theater Systems With M-1 Loudspeakers

One of the foremost British manufacturers of high end audio components, Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) has now announced the introduction of its latest offering in the form of new Mini Theater Systems. This remarkable new system has been paired with upgraded versions of the company’s renowned M-1 loudspeakers, as well as with new PV1D subwoofer or ASW608 subwoofer. The all new theater system has been modeled on the platform on M-1 loudspeaker that was released to the markets some six years ago. The all new M1 loudspeaker with the Mini Theater systems has been designed and developed to provide crisp and clear sound, encompassing all five channels, such as left, right, center and two surround channels in a state of the 5.1 surround sound setting.

The M-1 Loudspeakers with the Mini Theater systems use cutting edge audio technology to deliver enhanced performance and are more than capable of outperforming conventional bookshelf speakers. The entire system has been given a next generation series of new drive units, along with in-house designed tweeter and a bass/mid-range driver. The bass driver delivers optimum audio quality by taking advantage of an Anti-Resonance Plug that negates resonance and offers unmatched sound. The M1 loudspeaker weighs about 2.3 kg and is being offered with various installation options, including a table top stand and wall stand, while the users can even use the loudspeaker on a floor stand that costs an additional $150.  The M-1 loudspeaker is available in both black and white matte finish, while the device operates on a frequency response range of 64 Hz to 23 kHz, providing 20W to 100W of exceptional audio performance.

Another marvelous addition to this scintillating range is the all new MT-50 Mini Theater, which is composed of five M-1 speakers, which in turn are paired with an ASW608 subwoofer. The M-1 speakers carry a price tag of $250 each, while the PV1D subwoofer comes with a cost of $1,700 and the ASW608 subwoofer will make you shell out $500. However, these products are also available as part of a package when combined with the Mini Theater system, where in the MT-50 carries a price tag of $1,750 and the MT-60D costs $2,950.

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