Protected Barefoot Experience With The All New Swiss Protection Socks from The Swiss Barefoot Company

Though nearly all of us are quire fond of outdoor activities such as hiking, running and rock climbing etc. yet the sheer experience of walking bare foot is something that no pair of shoes can ever provide. However, now one of the newest names in unique footwear, The Swiss Barefoot Company has come out with a one of a kind product in the form of the all new Swiss Protection Socks. This magnificent pair of socks style footwear, provides the wearer with the thrills of walking around barefoot, while offering sturdy protection against the hazards that befall on barefoot walkers. This ingenious product has been designed to be worn without the need of shoes over them and are more than capable of bearing the burdens of rock climbing, hiking and other similar activities that would prove to be nearly impossible barefoot.

As per the company, the Swiss Protection Socks have been designed as such that they offer maximum protection and comfort against the pains of walking barefoot. The Swiss Barefoot Company has made use of 50 percent Kevlar, the very critical element used in ballistic vests, 32 percent polyester, 10 percent cotton and 8 percent Spandex in the creation of these marvelous sporty shoes. Furthermore, the soles of the Swiss Protection Socks are laminated with coats of PVC to make them absolutely scratch resistant. This incurable pair of socks has been deemed perfect for various outdoor activities such as the likes of hiking across sand paths, forests, gardens and can even be worn water sports and swimming. The Swiss Protection Socks also offer an added health benefit for type 1 diabetics and hemophiliacs who are often on a constant regimen of anticoagulant medications.

The Swiss Protection Socks from The Swiss Barefoot Company are available in both short version as well as the long version, where in the former carries a price tag of $73 per pair and the latter will cost you $78 per pair.

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