Convertible Portable Sun Lounger From Stephen Huish Yacht Design

Stephen Huish Yacht Design, a highly revered name in the luxury yacht industry, which is most renowned for its interior and exterior designing of yachts has now come out with a magnificent new creation. The all new Convertible Portable Sun Lounger has been developed to provide yacht occupants with a comfortable sun lounger that can converted into an elegant rectangular shaped table, as and when required. The yacht design company founded by Steve Huish had designed this wonderful sun lounger for a client, during the creation of a 38 meter long motor yacht. The Convertible Portable Sun Lounger was initially developed at client’s request, offering an enhanced entertainment solution that could fit neatly in the boat’s limited deck region.

The entire lounger measures a mere 1150mm and can stretch to maximum of 2150mm when converted, while occupying just 890mm of width. The lounger needs to be stacked for it to take the shape of a table and Stephen Huish Yacht Design has even provided it with a separate tray that can be easily inserted into the table. This ultra-space saving yacht furniture is crafted entirely from teak wood. However, Mr. Huish has also stated that in the near future, the Convertible Portable Sun Lounger will also be available in more eco-friendly materials, such as carbon fiber and reconstituted bamboo. Both these variants will sport 100% bio-degradable properties, while retaining the elegant comfort and class that the sun lounger exuberates from every angle.

According to Steve Huish,

“The design for a folding sun lounger came about some years ago when designing the aft end of a 38-metre motoryacht. The client wanted a flexible solution for entertainment. Due to the limited space on this size yacht, the idea came about for a stylish lounger, which could be halved.”

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