S.T. Dupont Celebrates Year Of The Dragon With Exclusive Offerings

One of the foremost names in stylish lighters, collectible pens and other luxury accessories, S.T. Dupont is now celebrating the Year of the Dragon, a most auspicious day according to the esteemed Chinese calendar, with the introduction of a new line of exclusive products. This entirely new collection called, DRAGON Limited Edition, is composed of exclusive limited edition luxury handmade pieces that exuberate an unmatched elegance and panache. The collection consists of luxury pens, luxury lighters and accessories that have been designed to mirror Chinese artistry and is aimed at bringing a positive aura to the ones who own these magnificent products.  Here are the three gorgeous elements of the all new S.T. Dupont Dragon Limited Edition Collection.

1.  DRAGON Diamond Collection:

The DRAGON Diamond Collection is essentially comprised of a luxury pen, lighter and a stunning ashtray, designed to bring the spirit of Chinese auspicious occasion into your daily lives. Both the pen as well as the lighter are hand-sculpted and feature glistening yellow gold. The entire set has been designed by renowned French artist Philippe Tournaire, where in the sculpted dragon’s body is studded with 88 diamonds, while this mythical creature’s eyes are set with shining red rubies. The entire DRAGON Limited Edition Collection has been introduced on a strict limited edition basis with only eight examples produced.

2.  DRAGON Prestige Collection:

Next in line in the exquisite DRAGON Limited Edition series is the marvelous DRAGON Prestige Collection, which has been designed again by Philippe Tournaire and limited to only 88 pieces. The principal component of the Prestige Collection is an exquisite Néo-Classique President Fountain Pen that has been crafted in Chinese black lacquer and is sculpted with a gold plated dragon. Furthermore, this bespoke collection also consists of a Line 2 lighter and a gorgeous astray crafted in solid bronze, while both these additions have been sculpted with a dragon carrying ruby eyes.

3.  DRAGON Premium Collection:

The DRAGON Premium Collection is comprised of a limited edition 888 pieces of a stunning Néo-Classique large pen that has been engraved with gold crafted dragon. Along with the elegant pen, the collection has also been given a gorgeous Line 2 lighter that also carries a gold crafted dragon and is fashioned from black Chinese lacquer.


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