PureFlame Helps to Keep Your Room Warm this Spring

PureFlame has designed the ultimate portable fire place which is an alternative to conventional one which occupies a lot of spaces. This trendy brilliant invention won’t take much time to find itself in most of the houses. This is a revolutionary latest concept in contemporary fireplaces which is ideal for limited space of apartments. Wall mounted fire is just like any picture that will decorate your wall. Thanks for Pureflame’s modern technology which needs limited space, that too on wall. The unique fireplace uses ethanol biofuel and offers pleasant cosy atmosphere to your room maximising it efficiency with heat and warmth without heat being lost out of chimney. High quality materials are used.

The biofuel fireplaces don’t need any installation. The flames are of orange and yellow in colour suit patio, balcony and indoors. Once plant-derived ethyl alcohol biofuel is burnt no residue is left as we see in traditional wood burning fireplace and when the burner gets cooled, it can be refilled and reused. The fireplaces are environmental friendly. The released carbon dioxide and water vapour’s proportions are similar to that of co2 exhaled by human beings. 0.95 litres (One quart) of liquid will burn from two to five hours. The fuel is odourless, smokeless and non-toxic. There are four models to match your interior decor. They are priced between $649 and $879.

Most importantly, pureflame fires advantages are you can take them wherever you want. This mobile fireplace can be moved easily from one room to another room at home or apartment. The same brand offers many trendy fireplaces in eye catching designs like diamond, concave, pipe and sphere to complement your modern home.  You could read our previous articles about green fireplaces and smart fireplaces.


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