Evergreen Company’s Billionaire Founder To Donate Wealth To Charity

Economic disparity is a fact of contemporary life. While the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. However, among the ranks of superrich individuals lurk a few who seek to donate much of their wealth to charity. You have heard of Bill Gates’ endeavors and Mark Zuckerberg’s plans. Now, meet Chang Yung Fa, a Taiwan-based billionaire who founded the Evergreen Company. In the year 2011, Forbes had estimated that Yung Fa was worth about $1.69 billion. The sum is important, especially since the Evergreen Company founder is planning to donate all his wealth to charity. While other ultra high net worth individuals horde their wealth for their children, this billionaire is looking to put his immense riches to better use.

It is not that he has not provided for his family. In a recent interview, Yung Fa revealed that his children can support themselves with stock holdings that have been set aside for them. However, he added, “…if they want more they have to earn it through hard work.” The words are refreshing, especially in a world where superrich individuals spend (often excessively) on maintaining a luxurious lifestyle.

Perhaps it has to do with Yung Fa’s humble beginnings. After all, he is a self-made man in the classic sense of the term. It is thus heartening when he says, “My charitable endeavors are the fountain of my joy. It allows me to sleep better at night knowing that I have made a positive impact…” If only more superrich individuals of the world began to think like Mr. Yung Fa. May his tribe increase!

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