MySuites Presents Luxury Residences Enhancing The Boutique Hotel Trend

Spending your vacations in a luxury hotel or a boutique hotel can be exciting and quite a memorable experience. However, at times the ultra-luxurious ambiance of the hotels lead to a bad case of homesickness. Steps in ‘MySuites’, a newly launched service in New York City that aims at providing a delicious mix of five star hospitality, while providing the guests with the comforts and a lovely feeling of being at home. MySuites plans to take boutique hotels trend to a whole new enhanced personalized level, by offering luxury accommodations with the features of an upscale hotel. This unique luxury hospitality service is especially aimed at guests who have planned extended stays in NYC. As of now, the company’s portfolio of luxury houses is comprised of eight private suites located in the city’s prestigious West Village. All eight luxury residences feature their own separate addresses, while offering the guests with a more pleasant décor. To ensure maximum effectiveness, MySuites has made use of local designers, vintage & antique shops, as well as flea market products to create a domesticated interior in all the houses. Furthermore, the guests are also presented with the option of buying the décor pieces via the company’s unique ‘Take-It-Home‘ program.

The luxury houses offered by MySuites are all one bedroom accommodations and have been carefully selected in numerous pre-war era buildings scattered across New York City. The house provide the guests with a separate bedroom, a private bath and a full kitchen, while featuring various luxurious amenities including Wi-Fi, cable TV, iPod docking stations and air-conditioning. MySuites also presents the occupants with especially handcrafted bath products. One of the salient feature of this remarkably unique program is the MySuites’ Concierge-At-Home, where in a personal concierge is assigned to the guests to cater to all their needs such as dinner reservations, laundry service, chauffeur and even a private chef. The guests have the option of choosing their preferred choice of accommodations, which have been categorized as ‘Economical’ and ‘Deluxe’.

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