The Unusual Decanter from Esque has a Glass Skull in the Bottle

The Skull in a Bottle wine decanter is a well crafted bar toy. It is masculine and very appropriate as an exercise in sophisticated rebellion. It will make a perfect gift for those who want to project an image of being a bad-ass. The decanter has a skull inside which emerges as the level of wine gets lower. It has a shock value and could dominate your bar or counter. Andi Kovel and Justin Parker are the artists who are behind this unusual decanter. Together they run a world-renowned glass blowing studio, Esque.

The glass blowing design studio has a long experience behind them. They have worked on diverse projects. Stumptown Coffee had commissioned them for designing a coffee shop in Portland’s Ace hotel. And to utilize their mastery over glass Lenny Kravitz had roped them in to design and create the glass for his Miami pad. Their artistry is evident in their work as all their work is blown and shaped by hand. Even the Time Magazine had recognized their work and had included them in their list of the 100 most influential international designers.

There are two options which are offered for the Skull in a Bottle wine decanter. You can opt for either the clear or the black glass skull. The bar toy is fully functional and makes a very Jack Sparrow kind of impact on the people who are being served wine from the decanter. If you fill it with red wine the skull becomes visible only when the level of the wine gets lower. The craftsmanship and the finish of the decanter is such that it will attract your attention even when the skull is not visible.

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