Vertu Announces Ferrari Luxury Phone for the Affluent

There is something really cool about owning one of the most expensive phones in the world. If you were just looking for the price tag than everything else, you need to go ahead and get yourself Constellation Quest Ferrari, which seems to be Vertu’s first touchscreen phone. We had earlier written about how Vertu unveiled its first touchscreen phone and we also wrote about how amazing this luxury phone by Vertu actually is. If you were looking for the world’s most expensive cellphones, we had written about that as well.

Right now, let us concentrate on what is on offer. The Constellation Quest Ferrari comes with amazing technology, design and luxury services. It has specially curated Ferrari content and if you are a Ferrari fan, it also has some really unique ways to experience that Ferrari way of life. All these services are available only for the owners of this luxury cellphone.

There’s not much information about what the cellphone might be having under its belt but it sure must pack some good features anyway. However, being Vertu you should be aware that the cellphone won’t really compete with Android or iOS devices and you might be stuck with an expensive Vertu phone that can only make and receive calls and access Ferrari content. It would have been cool if Vertu could give access to apps that are necessary these days. So go ahead and buy it only if you need it.

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