Nuance Group Sells the First Limited Edition Bombay Sapphire Bottle

The limited edition Bombay Sapphire bottles will be sold by Nuance Australia for a dedicated crowd and it could be a great way to make sure that nothing goes wrong whatsoever for people who crave for the most expensive drinks available. If you have been looking for the Swarovski-studded bottle of gin by Bombay Sapphire, it has already been sold and Bacardi Global Travel Retail and F1RST Tax & Duty Free have made a lot of profit. Only 4 pieces are available and the first one is already sold out.

Bacardi Lion and The Nuance Group have been working together in order to sell these Bombay Sapphire bottles so that the rich and the mighty can get a taste of what the best gin tastes like. I must say it is a great way to experience the taste of gin which is hugely ignored these days. By making sure that you get the most expensive gin bottle in the world perhaps, you would also make sure that your friends and family are impressed by your actions.

Apparently both the groups will find ways to add value to this business of selling expensive gin and that may mean that several more bottles in different packages are ready to be sold. There is something mysteriously attractive about gin and tonic. It is the preferred drink at English pubs, where gin and tonic is drunk to drown all the stress and look forward to a new beginning. So go ahead and swallow a swig and forget the world around you.


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