India’s Most Expensive Soap Has Exotic Sandal Oil

Most Expensive Soap – India is widely known for its aromatic sandal wood trees. Now the oil has to be obtained by the states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu due to the insufficient production of sandalwood. The premium soap, Mysore Sandal Millennium is a bit pricy and has been launched by the Karnataka soaps & Detergent limited (KS&DL) recently.

This is the most expensive soap sold in India and the ingredients used for the millennium soap are pure sandal wood oil, Jojoba Mimosa, vitamin-E, moisturizer and conditioners are used. The sandal oil present in the Most Expensive Soap is said to improve the skin texture and complexion retaining the glow. The hydrolyzed milk protein with high quantity amino acid rehydrates the skin and maintains the elasticity of the skin. The Glycerin in the soap prevents dehydration of the skin with anti-aging properties. KS&DL plans to sell the soap in major stores, super bazaars, hyper malls and five star hotels as well as to export the soap to West Asia, Malaysia, U.S., and UK.

The soap has more than five times oil content of sandalwood comparatively to the normal sandal soap. Millennium soap is the best one ever produced by the company. KSDL is targeting the elite and rich customers in abroad and India. The Most Expensive Soap may function as company’s ambassador. The company is struggling to procure sandalwood. It has decided to urge the State government to distribute the saplings of sandalwood free of cost to the farmers to encourage growing them .The skin care product is advertised as the queen of soaps. The Most Expensive Soap is priced at Rs.750. The Millennium soap was launched by Chief minister Sadananda  Gowda at a function.

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