Rosewood Hotels Offer Services of Fragrance Butler if you are Out of Perfume

There is no end to what a hotel guest can demand. But the best part is that the hotel is generally ready to provide the service. The trend is growing and the hotels are now expected to cater to their guest’s smallest needs. There are hotels now that provide a custom playlist for the guest’s iPod. There are others that provide a choice of eight pillows to their guests. Rosewood, an established luxury brand has added a unique feature to its service in some of their properties.

The new amenity added to the service list of Rosewood hotels is perfumes and they have developed specific list for each property. From this month itself eight of Rosewood properties are supplying guests with the services of a fragrance butler who is trained about the nuances of different scents. The guests have to call the concierge and the fragrance butler is there in the guests room within five minutes with a tray full of perfumes and colognes. Guests can browse through the fragrance menu and spiritz themselves.

The fragrance menu is tailored specifically for each property. The Carlyle is a property which has an old-world feel and the fragrance menu there includes Chanel Chance and Hermès Eau des Merveilles for women and Ralph Lauren Polo Black for men. There is no bar on calling the fragrance butler repeatedly. Rosewood Hotel Georgia in Vancouver and the Rosewood Corniche in Jeddah are also providing this unique service. Kersten Retting, a spokesperson for the hotel explained that this service is primarily aimed at the city traveler who often forgets to check bags. This service will be rolled out selectively at properties where the guests demand it.
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