Gisele Bundchen Is the World’s First Billionaire Model

We have all known that Gisele Bundchen is the world’s richest model and she has all the money in the world that one could ever wish for. Now, the shocker is that she is also the world’s first billionaire model. The former Victoria’s Secret model is known for her good looks and amazing body. She used to date Leonardo Dicaprio a long time ago but now has settled with other guys who are more youthful.

She also has a great business thanks to her Brazilian Intimates collection which lets her make more money than any other top earning models. To say that she is the richest model is rather preposterous as she is not just a model but also an actress, businesswoman and a philanthropist. Brazil also has been in news lately for being one of the countries where luxury is given a lot of importance.

Thanks to people like Gisele Bundchen, one can expect that even countries like Brazil will see a number of billionaires and rich people just like one would find in Moscow or Tokyo or even Paris. Of course, they are cities and not entire countries. That is where the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo step in, and Sao Paulo Fashion Week is known worldwide. Perhaps Gisele will now settle with a lot of money instead of men and that is always a better idea if you asked me. go ahead and start a business of your own, and I am sure you will end up making more money than you are making presently.

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