Bacardi Celebrates 150th Anniversary with Special Edition Premium Rum

Bacardi is leaving no stone unturned for its 150th anniversary celebrations. Besides worldwide birthday parties and innovations, it will be unveiling rare limited-edition $2000 worth rum to mark this event. Hailed as Christened Ron Bacardi de Maestros Vintage MMXII (2012), each of these bottles is a piece of art in itself. The rum has been aged in American oak barrels for 20 years post which the beverage was  transferred to cognac barrels which are at least 60 years old each. Owing to the dual containership of the rum, the blend here has unique characteristics, something like never seen before in premium rums around the world. Then the packaging of the run looks equally artistic owing to the hand-blown special leather casing.

Besides the casing, these crystal decanters will be holding 500 ml of the coveted beverage and only 400 such bottles will make it to retail shelves. This limited-edition rum is known have 43% alcohol by volume.  After the rum will be launched, special parties and airport displays start in several cities around the world.

The list here includes Germany, Canada, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and even the Middle East. Then there will be a worldwide broadcast on the National Geographic Channel, which will showcase the production process inside the Bacardi factories starting from March this year. this will give fans a sneek peak as how to really their favorite beverage is brought to life and also what quality measures are undertaken by the makers.

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