ModeWalk Brings City Shopping Experience Online

There is something really cool about being able to shop online. All that you would need to do is log onto a website and begin to buy what you need and that is where ModeWalk, the world’s most immersive online shopping experience comes to foray. It offers possibilities like no other site and allows shoppers to go ahead and browse through various cities right on the website in order to get a local fashion flavor.

Right now, the site offers Paris and when you visit Paris page, you would find local boutique designers who would know what to sell and you would have access to the best brands that you may actually not know. The idea is to bring small and lesser known local but luxury companies to picture and allow an international audience to gain access to their products. It has attracted more than $1.8 million in funding and is led by Merus Capital, which is a good thing.

The site would offer limited editions, exclusive pieces, fresh stock and stuff that you would not be able to find anywhere else, unless you visit a particular city. Not every one of us has the money to visit each city to shop and it is also unnecessarily expensive to do so. Shopping sites like are a great way to experience local shopping but also remain in the comfort of a living room. So go ahead, and shop yourself till you spoil yourself. You could also take a look at the other article we wrote on luxury shopping.

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