Kate Middleton Flies to the Caribbean for a Holiday

Duchess of Cambridge flew to the Caribbean holiday without Williams and that has posed a lot of questions. Prince Williams will join Kate later though, to have fun in the sun of Mustique which is retreat for the Royal couple. This tiny island is a favorite destination for the Royal couple which offers activities such as tennis and scuba diving.

The luxurious 1,400-acre is built in simple style, and thanks to the elegant accommodation and nature’s beauty, it is an escape each year for Americans and Europeans who flock to the sun soaked tropical oasis during winter. The island has transformed from being a families estate to a private limited company, which was the favorite of Late Amy Winehouse, Mick Jagger, and Jennifer Lopez. Queen Elizabeth also had visited the place. Now Kate Middleton is staying in this exclusive resort on Mustique Island in the Caribbean. The villa situated on the hill overlooks the ocean with a private pool. Kate has been staying in a £15k-a-week Caribbean villa.

The arrival of Duchess of Cambridge has caused some inconvenience to the other guests as the security measures restricting the fellow holidaymaker’s movements. If tourists wish to dine in Islands hotels they have to travel using the transportation allowed by the venue as well as rented mules, taking pictures of Middleton Family and villa are banned. One of the locals grumbled that it was not the way to be treated when one has paid very good money to visit the island. The Duchess to St. Lucia along with her siblings, James Middleton, Pippa and parents Carole Middleton and Michael Middleton, Where they celebrate 57th birthday of Carole Middleton.

The sun-soaking holiday would be the opportunity to spend a quality time before William’s deployment for a six-week period to Falkland Islands with the RAF which would take place next month. She has been invited by Prince Charles and Camilla to their Kensington cottage to avoid loneliness during Prince’s absence.

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