LuxeInACity: Networking Site Links Customers To Luxury Companies

In the world of social networking, LuxeInACity caters to a niche audience. This is a social networking site with a difference, for it is an invite-only property that provides a platform where members can interact with each other and with their favorite luxury companies. The luxury site is being described as a “social luxury city guide”.

The site is a one-stop shop for all things luxury. It features a range of news, videos and blogs to appeal to its wealthy members. The purpose, in founder Roxanne Genier’s words, is “to inform our members on what is going on in the luxury world.” The site currently has 150 exclusive members and is slated for a February launch.

Who Is Eligible?

It depends. Do you spend far more on luxury goods than the average person? Is your salary at least $150,000? And do you indulge in frequent luxury vacations? If you answered “Yes” to these queries, chances are that LuxeInACity will approach you to sign up for a membership.

What Are The Benefits?

Members of the luxury site get easy access to the travel and luxury industry across 125 cities around the world. LuxeInACity has brought over 50,000 luxury companies under its ambit. Members get information on luxury goods and services as well as travel tips for cities that are as varied as Paris, Cape Town, Anguilla and many more.

The luxury site focuses on various luxury categories within the luxury industry. This includes automobiles, jewelry, restaurants, boating, fashion and villas. You could find information on everything from car dealerships to art galleries and special luxury events.

How Much Does It Cost?

Luxury companies can display an enhanced profile, with more visibility on an annual payment of $595 a year.

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