Smart Fireplaces by Escea Ensures you Come Back to a Warm Home

Technology and its innovative use has made life easier for the people. The appliances have become smart as a result and it has become possible to control them through smart phones. It is not just remote technology but now you can control and operate your appliances such as fireplaces, even if you are not at home. There have been many examples in the recent past. LG introduced a fridge that is controllable via a smart phone and then Samsung came up with its Samsung WF457 washing machine with Wi-Fi connectivity. In fact the model was received very well when introduced at the CES 2012.

The technology has now moved into the home furniture segment to further enhance your convenience. The latest hi-tech furniture to hit the market is the Wi-Fi fireplace by Escea. They are based in Dundebin and have created a luxury range of smart fireplaces. The concept is sure to catch on like fire. The fireplace manufacturers have also launched an iPhone app that allows you to control the fireplace through your iPhone. You can turn it on or off and even change the heat settings through your phone.

The Smart Heat control system and the innovative use of the Power Vent Technology enables you to come back to a warm home after work as you can go online and switch the fire on as you leave your workplace to go back home. Escea has spared no expense to create the smart product. They have so far spent $2 million on research and development alone. They are the leaders in their field but are constantly striving to stay ahead of the competitors. It is going to be a long winter this season but the smart fireplace from Escea can keep you warm.You can also check out the La Nordica fireplace for other great heating options.

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