Titanic Commemorative Project by Artist Dodo Newmann

A lot has been said and done, and even shot about Titanic, the obvious tragedy of the oceans. In fact, the sinking ship with all its rich passengers gave birth to a new class of pseudo-glamour where it was thought to be a luxury to buy Titanic memorabilia. Now that the sinking anniversary is going to be remembered after 100 years, the luxury markets are abuzz with activity. Artist Dodo Newmann has launched the Titanic Commemorative Project in which 2,240 pieces of artistic memorabilia will be dedicated to all of the sunken passengers. All the pieces would be embossed with specially cut diamonds and Swarovski crystals.

These luxury art pieces would come with artistic patterns that depict the scenes of the passengers to which these pieces are dedicated. With diamonds and crystals, one could never go wrong. It is always easy to get the rich into a loophole and make them spend ever more. If only these art pieces were sold for a purpose like educating ship captains to be more alert and to teach them to not abandon sinking ships it would be a great service to cruise lovers.

I am sure by now you would know which tragedy I am talking about. I am talking about the latest cruise ship sinking off the coast of Italy, thanks to the cowardice of the captain who accidentally ‘fell’ into a lifeboat and sped away. You could also take a look at the memorial cruise which would be set afloat to coincide with 100 years of Titanic Disaster.

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