Agilis Watch Winder Clad in Leather is the Newest Creation of Kudoe Schli & Matz

Kudoe Schli & Matz is a newly formed enterprise by the coming together of four long-standing authorities of the international luxury and watch-winder sector. Döttling manufactory and Kussmaul GmbH have long experience and reputation in the fields of luxury and engineering services. They have together produced the world’s most luxurious watch winding cabinets like the Gigantis and Morphosis winders and their latest creation is The Agilis. This watch winding cabinet comes in a single stand design and is clad in leather. It has been designed to keep 12 of your cherished timepieces.

The Agilis makes a perfect choice for the discerning horological collector. The Alcantara leather clad leather unit is made from exotic wooden varieties. It is so designed that it enhances the décor of any room. The new winding cabinet is technologically superior to cabinets you have seen so far. The cabinet is controlled by a wireless control button. It operates through an electronic magnetic working mechanism. You can open the upper wooden cover remotely. The cover disperses itself in multiple layers to unveil 5 columns of haute horology.

The lighting system in the cabinet is designed in such a way that it highlights each of the watches placed inside when you open the cabinet. The winding of each watch placed in the cabinet is individually programmable. The cabinet has a built in Wi-Fi mechanism that enables it to function as a speaker system as well. It simply has to be synchronized with the controlling storage device and the side panel work as full fledged audio speakers. The makers of the winding cabinet offer you the option of selecting various fabrics for the outer layered cover, and also the winding cabinet inside so that you can match it better with the rest of your décor. The pricing has not been declared as yet.

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