Guest Charged $105,000 bill at Dubai’s Fairmont Hotel

The idea of binge spending just got a new horizon when a post bar at Fairmont Hotel in Dubai had a single billing of $105,000 and this was only for drinks. This colossal drinking binge, we assume, should be out of a special occasion. However we don’t have any details as to how this payer was but this at least shows a sign that the word of opulence is fast approaching towards Dubai. The operations manager of the club also conceded that it is not a rare sight to see abs of $105,000 or more for them.

The $105,000 also includes a slice of cake worth $32 and the rest of amount was booked for the drinks like Crital Champagne, Cavalli Vodka, Chivas and others. So this also brings to light the fact that irrespective of all the economic and financial turmoil Dubai has gone through, it hasn’t yet dampened spending habits of the rich. This looks frigging huge to us but as the bar manager suggests, it isn’t unusual at all for the bar to see such tabs.

The breakup of the bill revealed that the payer had ordered 6-liter bottle of the Cristal champagne for $34,030, 13 bottles of Roederer Cristals champagne for $22,933, a 3-liter Cavalli Vodka for $1,348, and 4 bottles of Chivas Regal 12-year old Whisky for $1,187 among other things. And with this news going spiral, anybody who happens to spend more than this amount can surely hope to be featured everywhere.

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