Luxury IPhone Speakers That Look Like Picnic Baskets

Generally, the thought of picnic baskets brings back memories of lazy Sundays watching Yogi Bear cartoons. But Bang & Olufsen looks set to break the Yogi Bear connection with their own range of picnic baskets. Mind you, these are no ordinary picnic baskets either; they are luxury iPhone speakers, and expensive ones at that!

The picnic baskets are named Beolit 12. They are part of Bang & Olufsen’s B&O Play Line, the first products to emerge from the new range. The aim here is to create high-tech luxury products that check the “playful” and “portable” boxes.

The Beolit 12 may resemble a picnic basket, but it promises high-quality sound. Each speaker system comes with a 120 Watt digital Class D power amplifier that operates a pair of two-inch tweeters and a four-inch woofer. The solid aluminum speaker grill and the full-grain leather carrying strap may add to the overall picnic basket effect, but they are high on function too.

The luxury iPhone speakers come with a rechargeable battery that promises eight hours of music. But the battery is nicely tucked away. The same goes for the power cable, which rests inside a special compartment at the back. No extra ugly wires, no clutter – just clean, high-quality sound.

It is easily compatible with your Apple music players. And if you lose the connecting wires, you can stream music wirelessly to the picnic basket speakers through Apple’s AirPlay technology. When can you get your own picnic basket speaker? The Beolit 12 is slated for a late January release. But at $800, this is no cheap gadget.

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