Nuke-Proof Jamesburg space station can be yours for $3 million only

Until now, you thought you had just about everything from an island to a mutli-billion vacation home, but did you ever think of having your very own personal space station? If a trip to the moon is next on your holiday list, this space station will surely enchant you. For a price of just $3 million, this space station can be yours and it has the ability to withstand a nuclear blast.

The property is situated at 18,773 Cachagua Road and was actually built in the 1960’s across a space of close to 160 acres of land. It has the main observatory, the 5-storey antenna with worldwide broadcasting capabilities, a helipad and also a 3-bedroom home. Besides, the time period during which it was made Russian nuclear threat existed and hence has special arrangements to ensure that this one will still stand as a rock amid a blast of 5 megatons.

The Jamesburg space station also includes a basketball court and 2 wells to draw water from. There is inlaid optic fiber OC-48 cabling here to ensure that in case some important broadcast needs to be relayed, it can be done smoothly without any interruptions. For a candid geek with millions of extra cash idling away, this seems to be the perfect real estate investment. With this nuke-proof station, one can also start their own worldwide television station. Its antenna and satellite can directly broadcast to Asia, South America, the South Pacific, and the entire United States. Earlier in 2002, it was closed by the government and sold to a private investor. The package, at the moment, is currently being sold by Keller Williams.

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