Guinness Book of World Records Declares Tsarevna Swan Ring has Most Number of Diamonds

People do strange things to get a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records. But Lobortas Classic Jewelry House has done something beautiful to make their maiden entry into the record books. Can you imagine a Swan holding a world record? Well, the innovative jewelers have based their record breaking initiative on a swan design. Actually it is a ring made of white gold that is crafted in the design of a swan. But it has not created a record just because the ring is shaped like a swan.

The Tsarevna Swan ring has created the record because it has the most diamonds set in one ring wearable on the human finger. The 18 carat white gold ring has a total of 2,525 diamonds weighing 10.48 carats set on it. The feat has no doubt created a record but also boosted the price of the gold ring to $1.3 million. The jewelers based in Kiev, Ukraine said that the diamonds were sourced from India based Shrenuj Group, a diamond and diamond jewelry manufacturer.


However there have been rings created earlier that are even more expensive. Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring cost $2 million to create. Last year at Sothey’s auction a blue and pink diamond ring had fetched $10 million to create the record for the auction house. Christies New York has a higher record as in a 2010 auction they had sold a Bulgari Blue ring for $15.7 million. It is the record for the most expensive diamond ring ever. Its unique feature is that it has been crafted entirely from one, single faceted diamond, weighing 150-carats.

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