Russian Military Aircraft Turns Into a Luxury Hotel in China

Be ready to have holiday experience in a luxury hotel after the tiresome hovering experience of the flight. Kiev, old military aircraft carrier of Russia has been revamped and at present anchored in the port of Tianjin, to stay forever in China. It is scheduled to reopen as a floating luxury hotel.  The Kiev might have undergone harsh treatment by the crewmen of Russia but it has completely metamorphosed into a luxury getaway and business retreat. The redesigning of the carrier´s interior into a luxury hotel has cost more than $15.5 million.

As China has no aircraft carriers, people are curious to see them. Though first aircraft carrier of china is on sea trials, public are not allowed to visit them. So public can fulfill their curiosity looking at this. The aircraft carrier is symbolic representation of military might of the nation; Chinese would like to spend a night on the vessel. Prices are not yet announced. Though there are magnificent presidential suites, only upper class of China is able to afford them.

Converting war ship into luxury industry is first of its kind in the globe. Initially it was meant to transport fighter jets, now changed into a luxury hotel with Asian themed décor and well equipped modern amenities. There are one hundred and forty eight high end rooms which include 137 standard rooms, 3 VIP rooms and 2 presidential suites. The hotel also features a dining area in oriental pattern and colors. Booking will be started by the end of January.



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