Steelcase Walkstations: Work While You Walk!

The steelcase walkstations are specifically designed to work while you walk. The walkstation will operate at a slow speed while the adjustable height desk keeps you away from the doctors. The idea of the workstation is to get the right steps towards a right direction and over here standing makes the difference while getting your work done. The idea of walking while working in front of computers is very cool and burning calories even more appealing. Walkstation’s top speed is 2mph, and enables you to walk comfortably. Burning calories make you feel more energized and healthier as well as work more efficiently. At the rate of 2mph speed, you could walk sixteen miles for normal eight hours.

If one is struggling to burn calories to lose his weight, it is really good news. Steelcase walkstation offers a combination of better standing, sitting, and walking while you work with adjustable desks. It helps to solve inactivity problem of workplace and increases productivity as well as alertness. It is not bothersome distracting others.

The companies like Steelcase aim sales at larger companies, for smaller companies it would be a bit tough to sell. So it would be better to get one for yourself. You have to spend much money at gyms with sparing more time with the trainer. With workstation you could get your health back for fewer prices. You could get the steel case’s product online. It could be shipped.  The Steelcase walkstations price starts from S4,400 and up. The Walkstation is an electric adjusTable Worksurface and commercial treadmill with low speed.



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