Molami Headphones have been Designed to Enhance the Feminine Face

Headphones for women sounds a little strange because normally one is focused on the quality of the sound it reproduces but Molami is designed in a way that it enhances the features of the feminine face. Maria Von Euler, the industrial designer is the brain behind these innovative headphones. Like everything else she does you can see perfect finishing in these headphones right from its tailored silhouette down to the braided textile-wrapped cords and discreet accents plated in gold and silver. One of the models in the new line of headphones developed by Maria is the Pleat.

The Pleat is designed to complement the bone structure of the face, particularly a feminine face. Maria has used her long years of experience with tailoring and fashion design to develop a methodical industrial design approach. This very approach has been used in giving the final shape to the headphones. This is a very innovative approach which was never witnessed by the headphones industry earlier. Pleat is an over the ear headphone that is designed to accentuate the lines of the face.

The headphone is encased in Napa leather. It is comfortable to wear as it folds and rotates freely. The closed design of the headphone ensures noise isolation. There is minimal distortion in the sound reproduced by the headphone and you can hear the music in its truest form. The bass sounds are deep and the highs are natural and clear. These are perhaps the most fashionable headphones. It is targeted at contemporary individuals who select their headphones as an accessory. Molami is another perfect creation of Maria that enhances the female form.

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