Diamond Shaped Ice Cubes Are a Rage in Japanese Bars

Great secrets of Japanese bars are finally being revealed to the other parts of the world. You could make different shaped ice sculptures within seconds to cool your alcohol without diluting your beverage due to the surface area of the ice shape is reduced. The act of making ice cubes in diamond shape has grabbed the attention of many bars. Here the mould is pressed without using any heat or electricity and you could have your drink in style with eye catching diamond ice. The seamless diamond ice has grade quality and within seconds they are ready to use.

The diamond ice cube is preferred to ordinary ice cubes as they have smaller area of surface, which slows melting down of the ice which results in keeping the drinks cold without getting diluted. You can impress your guests with customized ice cubes in diamond shape. You need 60 mm Ice Ball Mold Diamond Maker. Initially you have to put the ice in the mold and the top section has to be dipped in heated water. Now fit the top over the rods, diamond shaped ice is ready to serve within a few seconds. The ice making mold is made of stainless steel and aluminum with wooden grip which is cold proof on the top.

Taisin Production Company’s Diamond ice sculptures look amazing, melting slowly; keeping cooler your drinks for longer. Diamond will add a luxury touch of precious gem to your drink. You could use at home as well as in bars. It is priced at $1,492.


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