Terme di Saturnia: The Tuscan Way to Healing and Rejuvenation

The destination spa, Terme di Saturnia, is in the midst of the natural beauty of Tuscan village of Saturnia. It is located in glorious surroundings of countryside with mild climate, in the heart of Maremma neighborhood. It offers a perfect spa getaway, where you could rejuvenate and replenish your skin with two unique spa treatments.  Terme di Saturnia offers traditional natural treatments that invigorate your spirits with revitalizing programmes namely amber massage and golden body treatment. Each treatment will take approximately two hours. It aims at total wellness finding the root cause of the problem of the body.

You can treat your body with gold particles at posh atmosphere of hotel Terme di saturnia spa in Tuscany. To start with, you will have scrub added with jojoba oil, silk protein, ginger and chamomile for exfoliation of the skin. The scents used will bring quietness. The next step is the application of a gel containing 23-carat gold, carnitine, caffeine, aescin and some enzymes, and hot oil applied to the skin glows with nourishment. By this massage whole body releases fragrance of essential oils. The entire body looks radiant with mask of ginger and gold particles which rehydrate with improved tone. The silk protein cream provides velvety texture. The anti inflammatory properties of mineral revitalize and heal damaged tissues. It is priced at €420.

Amber helps to achieve total wellness. It stimulates the circulation reducing emotional and physical stress. This is the combination of massage art and balls of Baltic Amber which contains resin in it, to get the rejuvenating effect. This treatment is priced at €390. The hotel has 54 treatment rooms with Spa Boutique, Spa Café. This year the spa destination has been awarded as the Best Spa in the World by Condé Nast.

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