Flash Rods Mercedes SLS model hides a 500GB USB hard-drive

Auto-enthusiasts might not be able to afford all those cars that make them weak in their knees but some of them at least manage to get some real replicas of the same. So whether you can afford Mercedes-Benzes or not, here is a something that you ought to have anyway. This Flash Rod Mercedes SLS AMG replica, besides being a collectible, comes with some real functionality. It actually hides a 500GB USB hard-drive in its belly.

The intricate designing and detailing here is something that even with replicas the auto-company means real business. There are no exterior components here except the cable point at the rear end that lies above the license plate. For now, the Flash Rod only comes in one size of 500GB and color options of black, red and silver. It bears accurate resemblance to its life-size brother and features working doors and a hood that when opened reveals a small portable USB HDD, along with a USB 2.0 port at the back from where you have to connect it to your computer.

As of now, the retailers tell us this Flash Rod Mercedes SLS bears a sold-out status but just in case you were curious of the price, it was $250 which might seem quite pricey for 500GB hard-drive but let’s not forget that it isn’t just a computer accessory.  Well, the list of devices which disguise gadgets rather beautifully isn’t short, but this one does this without adding any weight or a compromise on the chic quotient. We don’t know when this will make come-back on the shelves, but we’ll keep you updated.

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