SpnKiX Roller Skates are Rooted in Luxury and Technology

Technologies with all the modern luxury amenities are integrated into a pair of SpnKiX roller skates with which you could move and spin around. They are mechanized, will run up to three miles, at 10 mph and you could charge them in just two-hours with lithium battery pack. Users with hand held remote can control the acceleration and brake. Men who are within 6-14 and women of 7-15 will get the sizes. With support for 180-pounds, it is very light in Men’s 14 groups. The SpnKiX are still a prototype and so is the Kickstarter project. For the first hundred pairs it is priced at $375, after that the price may jump to $650.

spnKiX could be strapped on your shoes. The frame is constructed with reinforced Nylon + Aluminum material.  Each foot will have battery pack and motor. Both feet are controlled simultaneously by wireless remote controls. It is very easy to have mastery over skate after some training sessions. Users strap the SpnKix over their footwear, powered by lithium batteries, they could control speed with the help of a wireless remote control. They could achieve maximum speed of ten mile per hour, an electric range of two or three miles, and recharging may take for two hours. Electronics and hardware are integrated into a frame which is built by fiber-reinforced nylon.

Peter Treadway hopes to raise fund of $25,000 on Kickstarter.com for the project and start production.  If financial support for his venture is assured more than $950, would be given a pair special-edition. If everything happens as he wishes, the first SpnKix will be scheduled to ship by March 2012.

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