Wear Joey Andolina Speakers to this Christmas Party!

If you are very fond of being noticed you could draw attention of people by wearing a vest which has two amplified speakers over your shoulders. Music admirers will be happy to have the new subwoofer in special occasions like Christmas or parties with its sound quality, control over functionality and volume. The device for the shoulder, will match your attire or home d├ęcor which is designed by Joey Andolina. The speaker vest with subwoofer has distinct functionality like portability, has enough space to accommodate batteries so that could use for longer period. So user can charge the device batteries without break and connect to mp3 player. The sound system is unique and simple which are two amplified motorcycle speaker.

You get the bass performance by the amplified subwoofer of eight inches through a hole. The interesting feature of the subwoofer your shoulder will not get hurt and it is not as heavy as weighty boom box speakers. The user can listen to music without stop with good quality sound. The integrating 8inch subwoofer has laudable bass execution. Beside subwoofer there is custom rechargeable ten cells battery belt with the size of thirty six. If you want your belt charged all the time a wire is included which allows user to tune to the vest. User has an access for subwoofer controls and volume independently. But still the exact technical specification is not known.

The vest with integrated subwoofer is an up- gradation of boombox speaker. It is very well fitted with low profile 8inch subwoofer, 10 cell rechargeable battery functions for longer hours. The subwoofer is very convenient on your shoulder without difficulty in carrying where ever you go. Go ahead; buy subwoofer with price tag of $850.


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