Meche Unveils Glamorous Jewelry for Pet Dogs

To popularize best breeds various companies offer pet shaped jewelleries like ear rings, studs and pendants. The dog symbolises loyalty and friendship, its sparkling eyes always find  a special place in your heart. So show off your love wearing the luxury pendant near your heart. It can be customised with diamond eyes and collars.

Meche goes to such an extent to popularise most of all American kennel club breeds. Now they are working on dogs which are three dimensional. They are committed to high quality materials. MECHE(R) is the marketer, distributor and specialists in luxurious dog and cat themed jewelleries creator in the world.  Meche perfectly presents the complex character of dog you adore best. They have a collection of 192 breeds of dog.  Now, each detail is captured in the form of tiny art piece. You could gift for the Christmas your animal lover friend.

Diamond dog pendant featuring dog’s head cut in diamond is an uncommon among jewellers. The precious piece is in the midst of a circular structure in white gold and platinum having diameter of one inch. MECHE’s fancy dog Pendant with head, nose, small ears, positioned comfortably in the midst of precious metals rounds.

With the arrival of laser cut stones the technique of traditional diamond cutting is almost vanished.  Diamond is of .88 carat, sculpted into dog shape, which is centrally positioned, is surrounded by 86 micro diamonds set in platinum and white gold round. You could wear it as a brooch. It is priced at $16,000.




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